by Giulia Liverani, 2017

Equilibrio is a magnetic lamp with no structure.
When the two ends of the lamp are close, the magnetic force in between them becomes strong enough to challenge gravity, letting the lamp magically float in the air. The bottom part do not have a rigid body but is attracted by the upper part via two magnets. Due to the weight of the base, the two parts never get in contact creating an intense sense of astonishment. Equilibrio is a very interactive floor lamp that creates an entertaining and appealing sense of magic.

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A floating lamp

Magical, magnetic, functional, poetic


Available Models

Equilibrio Floor (EQF)

Equilibrio with Servoluce floor (EQFSF)

Tech info
  • Mounting: Indoor floor to ceiling
  • Light source: 1x interchangeable LED
    3000k 550lm CRI 80 / 2700k 420lm CRI 90
  • Input Voltage: 100 ÷ 240V
  • Power: 7 W (LED 4.7W)
  • Switching: Dimmer touch
  • Material: Anodized aluinium and Acrylic
  • Weight: 2kg


Equilibrio with Servoluce wall (EQFSW)



The bottom part containing the LED does not have a rigid structure but is suspended in the air thanks to magnetic attraction with the top part.


It's possible to unscrew the top part containing the optics in order to replace the LED with our original part.


Thanks to the Servoluce Wall and Servoluce Floor accessories, the Equilibrio lamp becomes a perfect reading light.

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